strategic catalyst


"Christine is a wonderfully dynamic/energetic speaker with a host of business development, marketing, and strategic planning-related resources. She recently presented to the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers on the topic of Time Management for New Business wherein she introduced a number of great tools geared toward strategic planning, review and more."

David Smith, Shareholder - Valuation/Corporate Advisory Services at HSSK

"First, as chair of the Accelerate Committee, I would like to sincerely thank Christine for speaking to our group again on May 14, 2015 at the Houston CPA Society. Her presentation on Strategic Planning and Goal Setting is always received very well by participants of this course, and our evaluation feedback has consistently been that we should definitely invite her back for more."

David Pichon, Sr. Tax Advisor at ExxonMobile

"Christine worked with our law firm re business development and marketing for our firm and for our lawyers individually. Her presentations were creative, practical, and most helpful in focusing our attorneys on how to create a strategic plan, how to implement it and how to evaluate and update it over time."

Trey Williams, Shareholder and Owner at Lorance & Thompson

"Christine Spray was a Keynote Luncheon Speaker at the Spring Accounting Expo on May 19, 2016. She wowed over 1,000 CPAs with her presentation on Strategically Networking for Success. Christine's speaking style is engaging and held the interest of the large crowd for an hour. You could tell the CPA audience was attentive throughout the speech by the laughs from her."

John Foster, Sr. Account Executive at AT&T

“Christine Spray is a dynamic speaker. She presented her workshop on Interpersonal Skills for Success at a recent Women’s Finance Exchange Luncheon. The audience was riveted! She is energetic and passionate about what she does…and it shows. It is unusual to see almost everyone taking notes. Her presentation was packed with practical ideas that could easily be integrated into one’s professional and personal life. I highly recommend Christine.”

Kari Hartmann, Controller at PfP Technology

“Christine recently spoke to our Business Development Committee at the Greater Houston Partnership. She was extremely engaging and was able to keep the attention of a room full of business development people for almost an hour. This is unheard of! The content of her talk was perfect for our group and I was personally able to take away a couple of items to implement in my own company! Thank you Christine!”

Annette Monks, President at Carlton Staffing and Carltech Engineering and Technical

“Christine Spray presented an interactive, practical workshop on Stress Management at the Risk Management Association Luncheon and did an outstanding job. Our attendees raved about her insights and recommendations. They left with a lot of takeaways to implement in their personal and professional lives. I would highly recommend Christine for your next workshop or keynote.”

Risk Management Association-Texas Chapter

“Christine’s tireless efforts as founder and President of the NBDA has been invaluable to me and my firm. Christine is bright, energetic, and generous to her friends and business associates.”

Robert Conklin, Senior Executive Vice President at BVA Group

“Christine delivers quality information and is an excellent speaker focusing on building business contacts. She is energetic, motivating and full of hard hitting ideas to grow business connections. Count on her to give you her full attention as she considers the most strategic way to move your business to another level plus, you will enjoy knowing her!”

Celina Miller, Partner at Whitley Penn

“Christine Spray was an excellent speaker at our most recent Whitley Penn ENGAGE meeting. Her business development techniques and tips were easy to understand and implement. I received such great feedback from our group. She understands the business development challenges many people face and is able to provide them with solid, fresh ideas. I highly recommend Christine.”

Emily Rhodes, Director of Marketing – Houston at Whitley Penn

“To say that Christine Spray is an expert on business development is an understatement. Not only does she excel at the business of helping others, she communicates her passion with enthusiasm and approachability. Our women’s group thoroughly enjoyed Christine’s presentation; afterwards the dialogue of the group shifted to the take-aways and putting her methods into action. If you are looking for a motivator that will reach people on a personal level, in an unintimidating fashion, I highly recommend Christine Spray.”

John Younker, President & Co-Founder at Associates in Continuous Improvement, Chair at Vistage International

“Christine’s knowledge and expertise in New Business Development and Professional/Business Networking, is awesome. But even more beneficial to those of us who have the opportunity to be engaged with her, her ability to share and communicate her wisdom and her NBD concepts is world-class. My wish for you is that you have the chance, as I did, to connect with Christine.”

Gail Ayers, CEO at Commercial Real Estate Women Network

“Christine Spray is a knowledgeable and gifted business development speaker/trainer. I have had the pleasure of seeing her present recently at the Greater Houston Partnership Women’s Leadership Committee and prior at Women’s Energy Network, both of these events I was part of the planning process to invite Christine to speak. I am always impressed by her ability to present the topics in a way that allows her audience to immediately apply the information to their lives. She has a philosophy to provide at least five things of value to each person she meets one on one, but her speeches provide so much more. While observing the audience it is clear they are connecting with the information and it is also very clear they are having “ah-ha” moments. It’s one thing for audience members to get insights from the presenter; it’s a whole other thing for the audience to get practical how-to’s that they can immediately apply. This is exactly what Christine provides, especially around Networking and Interpersonal Skills for success (two topics I have had the pleasure of hearing Christine speak on). I have no hesitation in recommending her for speaking and training opportunities.”

Kimberly Wilson, Managing Director at TLR Search

“Christine – thank you so much for delivering so much insight and value to our Alumni from Bauer and the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. You packed a full day’s worth of information and action steps into a lunch event. Your charisma, knowledge and passion truly light up the room.. you kept us engaged every step of the way. Great compliments from all participants. A BIG THANK YOU! And… GO COOG!!”

Paul Herndon, University of Houston Bauer Entrepreneur Program Leader

“We enjoyed working with Christine this past year. She provided several business development workshops for our firm that were extremely valuable. We also invited Christine to be a guest speaker at one of our Heath Care events. Our clients found her presentation to be very informative and valuable. I would highly recommend Christine. Her professional style, deep knowledge for business development and high energy makes her a dynamic speaker.”

Elsa Jackson, Business Development Director at Harper and Pearson Company

“Last week I was fortunate to hear Christine Spray (President, Strategic Catalyst) speak at an event sponsored by a group at Anadarko. The presentation, “Networking for Success” was very beneficial and timely for any individual who interacts with people inside and outside of their company. She gave us great ideas for developing relationships that can be meaningful and beneficial and why it is important to take the time to network. Christine captured the audience’s attention by sharing personal situations, challenging all to create dialog in different circumstances, and reminding us about ways to stay in touch with all those we encounter. I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to hear her compelling presentation to take the time to do so. You will greatly reap the rewards of becoming a more effective networker.”

Denna Johnson, General Manager – Freestone/Chalk/Hugoton/Ozona/S.Texas at Anadarko Petroleum

“Bank of Texas engaged Christine Spray on several training assignments and we could not be more pleased with the results. Each and every officer who participated in the training sessions gained valuable insight and new skills to employ. In addition, all participants were impressed with Christine’s professionalism, organization and enthusiasm. Christine Spray exceeded our every expectation.”

Valerie Gibbs, President at Bank of Texas

“Christine was referred to me in Jan 2012 by Robin Stanaland to help me with my business’s development strategy. I am glad I have the privilege to work with such a knowledgeable, talented and energetic leader. Christine has a strong passion for helping businesses achieve their potential and has been instrumental in helping SunNet’s continued growth.”

Sandy Huang, SunNet Solutions

“Christine is by far, one of the best, most astute business development and marketing professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Christine’s vast network is a testament to her thoughtful and considerate approach, resourcefulness and limitless patience. Christine brings extensive experience in developing business development, marketing and human resource strategies. Christine’s business savvy combined with her ability to perceive and understand issues and needs results in remarkable outcomes felt at all levels of an organization. She is informative and progressive and does it all in a friendly style and exciting way. Equipped with a plethora of training capabilities, Christine can help an organization in multiple areas whether it be creating and closing leads, conflict resolution or effective networking best practices. Christine’s ability to interact and connect is unmatched and her energetic personality and vibrant attitude make her a real team player. Not only will you find a real asset in Christine, but you will also find a friend. The opportunity to work with Christine is something I wish for you all.”

Caroline Rosen, Marketing & Communications Manager at MaloneBailey, LLP

“Christine is one of the most energetic and compassionate people that I have ever met. She takes those traits and channels them into her work teaching/instructing invididuals and groups how to “work a room” and build a more effective pipeline. I would highly recommend Christine for any work involving sales training and contact management/networking skills.”

Travis Van Horn, Market President – SW Houston at Trustmark National Bank

“Christine is an excellent volunteer leader with the ability to attract and retain great talent!!”

Sara Dreiling, Chief Executive Officer at the American Lung Association of the Plains-Gulf Region

“When we engaged Christine Spray to provide leadership and strategic expertise to support the development of our Strategic Plan, we had very high expectations. She has exceeded every one of her commitments and has made a significant impact to our strategic plan, business results and company culture.The revenue and profitably of our core business units are at record levels and our 5-year business plan is in full swing. We have been able to partner with Christine and her extensive business network to develop an external “Advisory Board” to discuss and debate the next level of our Business Plan. The results of these sessions have been instrumental in gaining insight and understanding from a group of diverse business women and men.Christine works 1-on-1 with our “Highest Potential” employees to create Individual Development Plans that provides keen insight into opportunities and motivation to optimize their performance. If you are a business leader that has a desire and passion to increase revenue, optimize Operating Margin and enhance your employee’s experience, then I recommend you call Christine Spray today!”

Rick Van Pelt, President at Lasco Enterprises

“Christine brings to the table the true value of a trusted adviser. Her vast knowledge of business planning, marketing and relationship development alone are remarkable. Christine’s insight and understanding of the individual business owner and the company as a whole is unparalleled. Above all, Christine cares about her clients and associates. Her attention to details, her concern for her associates and her commitment to her principles, makes her my most trusted adviser and friend.”

Holly Hubbard, President & CEO at Pioneer Plastics, Advantage Fixtures, SlatBox USA

“Christine was able to help my firm change what was difficult to communicate into a clear, unique positioning statement. She provides targeted marketing and business development advice. Her vibrant attitude and professional style make her someone I love to work with.”

Denise Sanders, President at Sanders Consulting

“Christine has been an excellent partner to work with because she brings a fresh and exciting approach to business development efforts. She has incredible knowledge of what works today in regards to building a referral network and provides valuable experience in this arena.”

Jill Vaughan, Executive Vice President at AmegyBank of Texas

“In addition to being easy to speak with, Christine is highly effective and excels at motivating people to focus on their goal. Christine really listens to people and helps guide them to activities that will help them grow their business or network. She is very generous with her time and with her extensive network. If she does not know something she will get you to the person who does. She is genuinely focused on helping people achieve their goals and it truly does come through in everything she undertakes.”

Mary Thomas, Owner at Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, P.C.

“Christine is bright, warm, open, honest, organized, direct without being aggressive, and an expert in her field. Christine’s ability to work with a tremendous range of people is evident in the size of her network; her network is immense. It is hard to go to any function anywhere in Houston and not bump into someone who knows Christine. Christine’s network is a huge asset to her clients that sets her apart from other consultants in her field. Her advice is sound, resting on nearly 20 years of focused experience doing exactly what she now advises her clients to do. Christine is a pleasure to work with and will help your business grow!”

Erica Harris, Partner at Susman Godfrey, L.L.P.

“Christine has been very critical to the success of my company. From acting as my mentor before our doors opened for business in January 2008, to being a wonderful referral source, to now my formal business coach, Christine has been there supporting me every step of the way. I was able to hire Christine in 2010 to produce a business development plan for my company. She didn’t just write the plan and drop it off — she invested the time to teach me how to use the information and apply it directly to my business and the direction I wanted to go. It really helped target our efforts as we defined the company we want to be 1, 3, even 5 years from now. Being a small business, it’s not always easy to find immediate help when new situations arise or to have a support system to discuss critical issues. Christine is a huge part of my support system offering advice based on her experience and expertise and referring me to wonderful experts in her vast network. Christine is definitely known for her tremendous network and people listen when she puts her name behind a referral. I thank her for all her help and support over the years!”

Jamie Fountain, President at W. Mae & Company

“I first met and worked with Christine, as a Business Leadership Coach and Trusted Advisor, some four years ago. At the time, Christine was the Director of Practice Development at a mid-size accounting firm, located in Houston, Texas. During my initial year in working with Christine, it became clearer and clearer to me, that her knowledge, skills and abilities were not being maximize to their fullest potential. Christine was an entrepreneur, just waiting for the right moment in her professional life. Her insights in the field of New Business Development are truly visionary. Since those early days in our relationship, Christine has gone on to found her own enterprise, Strategic Catalyst, a professional services firm that partners with clients to assist them in their development of New Business Development tactics and the most effective and cost efficent processes and programs to carry out and support their strategies and tactics. Energy, passion and customer centric and caring demeanor – all combine to make her a truly valued New Business Development Consultant, Trainer-Coach and Trusted Advisor”

John Younker, Chair at Vistage International

“Christine Spray helped A Hak US come up with a great marketing plan, complete with action steps and follow-up metrics. I espectially enjoyed Christine’s acumen in the social media space and her abilities to help with web design. I would recommend Christine Spray for your business growth needs.”

John Mohr, General Manager at A HAK Industrial Service USA

“We brought Christine in to develop and foster a marketing and business development culture in our practice. Not only did she take our group to a new level, she has truly changed the lives of many of our people and has become one of my most trusted advisors, mentor and friend. The processes, training, coaching and mentoring that she provided is invaluable. You will not meet a more sincere, caring and effective leader than Christine Spray. She is absolutely the best at effecting change, building HR and recruiting strategies and developing effective marketing and BD plans and processes.”

Wesley Middleton, Managing Partner at MaloneBailey, L.L.P.

“I recommend Christine Spray as a consummate professional. She is focused on seeing her clients succeed. Christine will be an excellent resource in a number of business areas and will follow up until solutions are gained. She is one I can recommend with complete confidence.”

Jackie Kingsbury, President at Integrity Insurance Solutions

“There is not enough room to list all the reasons I would recommend Christine. Simply put… she is amazing on all levels. Christine believes in finding out what she can do to help others vs. a what can you do for me mentality. Christine has the ability to keep her ears open for leads for peers while networking. She makes people feel valued and respected when she interacts with them. I can always count on Christine to give me honest input, and I appreciate the time she takes to go to above and beyond with every person she knows. If you don’t know Christine… you need to!”

Tracey Kearny, Regional Manager at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

“I was initially impressed with Christine Spray’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor… Christine added processes and improvements in the areas of business development, marketing and client relations… She consistently demonstrated leadership and creativity. Christine is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat… organized and diligent… a hardworking, top-performing service professional. Her ability to handle internal and external relationships and accomplish the tasks at hand are unparalleled and it is because of this ability to build great rapport that in turn makes her so successful.”

Jason Ferguson, Managing Partner at Calvetti, Ferguson & Wagner, P.C.

“When I think about the best of the best in the world of networking, I think of Christine Spray. From the moment we met, I felt that I had known Christine for years. This, I’m sure, was in part due to the ‘legend status’ that preceded that first meeting, but more likely due to warmth and respect she exudes. Christine recently gave a ‘Building an Effective Pipeline’ presentation to my attorneys at BoyarMiller. To say the group was motivated by Christine’s approach to building a network is an understatement. In fact, we have since employed many of her principles as part of our Business Development strategy. I am inspired by Christine’s many talents and wisdom… and I’m indebted to her for her willingness to share them.”

J. Douglas Parker, CPSM, Executive Director at BoyarMiller

“Christine is one of the most amazing businesswomen I have come across. She has the knowledge, personality and skills to help Houston business leaders capture unparalleled value. Anyone in business or professional services would be privileged to have an opportunity to work with Christine.”

Joe Heller, Chief Sales Officer at High Performance Selling

“A total professional and a delight to work with; a consummate well-connected businesswoman who knows everyone worth knowing – that’s Christine Spray. It is such a joy to work with someone who is devoted to customer attention and client prospect connection – she totally understands the concept of ‘pay-forward.’ She is one of the best professionals I have dealt with over five decades in international business.”

Michael Hick, Managing Director at LITMUS Consulting, L.L.C.

“Christine is the most energetic, selfless business development professional I have ever known. She has a ‘what can I do for you’ attitude that immediately puts you at ease and makes you want to spend time with her and help her any way you can. She knows everybody there is to know. I value Christine’s work ethic, high morale and ethical standards, and professional presence. I would put her in front of any client, prospect, or other business contact with extreme confidence. I have learned a lot from Christine,, and hope to find a way to tap into her energy source some day!”

Marcus Wagner, Owner at Calvetti, Ferguson &Wagner, P.C.

“Christine made a presentation to my Vistage Key Executive Group on Business Development Sources: There’s more to Prospecting-Needs Assessment-Propose Solution-Move to Decision-Closing. My members greatly benefited from Christine’s in depth understanding of the Marketing-to-New Business Development-to-Sales Process. Christine is a true professional with a great personality.”

John Younker, Chair at Vistage International

“When I think of a well-connected business development professional, I think of Christine Spray. The first time we met, it was obvious that Christine is a quality person that genuinely cares about making qualified connections. She takes time to listen and understand your business and follows up in a timely manner. I am fortunate to call her my friend and network partner.”

Michael Jimenez, Director of Practice Growth at iOffice

“Christine is always looking for ways to help not only her clients, but all of her contacts. She is the first call I would make and the first meeting I would set in any business venture.”

Adam Blumberg, President at Truistic Solutions, Inc.

“Christine exudes professionalism and keeps her word. She makes solid referrals for those she has met and knows solidly. Her referrals have gotten us in the door for some major deals. Her integrity is famous and everyone knows that if you have the right introduction in Houston, Christine’s your woman.”

Eric Standlee, Director of Private Funding and Bank Relations at American Prudential Capital, Inc.

“Christine is a high-energy and very focused professional and when you look up ‘networking’ in the dictionary you see her picture. Her high integrity and character are top notch. You are in good hands when you put your trust in Christine. She will get you where you need to go. I highly recommend her.”

Donald Smith, Business Development at Kelly IT Resources

“Christine made a fantastic presentation to my Vistage Key Executive Group on ‘Business Development: Building An Effective Pipeline.’ Her presentation was right on the mark and she was most generous in the materials, processes and tools that she shared. Christine definitely knows her stuff!"

JYounker, Chair at Vistage International

“Christine has been a tremendous asset to me and our company. Introducing us to business associates has been a great help in our branding and visibility within the community. Her presentation on marketing to our group was professional and informative and greatly increased the understanding of our professional staff.”

Alex Howard, Managing Partner at HFBE, Inc.

“Any professional service firm would benefit from Christine Spray’s gift for connecting people with prospective clients and her natural ability to help people improve and enhance their existing client relationships.”

Mark J. Levine, Managing Partner at Levine & Associates, P.C.

“Christine is not only high-energy, she is extremely effective at what she does. She recently presented a session on Pipeline Development & Networking to my entire staff of Risk Consultants. She got a standing ovation with everyone walking away with new ideas for them to implement. Thanks again, Christine! You are a very talented young lady!"

Tim Brady, Founder and Managing Partner at Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Inc.

“Christine took an extended contract with Intercomp Global Services to help us develop our North American Business for multi-national companies interested in a Global Payroll Solution. She is a respected sales and marketing professional who has a steller reputation and an extensive network. She is a proven performer and has a track record of helping companies, including Intercomp Global Services, acheive their business development, sales and marketing goals. She is a highly energetic and ethical professional. It has been a pleasure to work with Christine and I am looking forward to a long relationship.”

Sheri Sullivan, CEO/Global VP Sales at Intercomp Global Services

"If you just scroll down these recommendations, you will see how accomplished and well-respected she is. I completely echo those sentiment. Christine is smart, energetic, experienced, a wealth of information and most of all a giver first. She operates from a place of generosity first that puts other people's success as a top priority. Her messages are clear, actionable, and honest. As someone who was coached by her in several settings and having heard her speak to a group, I can recommend without a bit of reservation!"

Rebecca Davis, Vice President at Kainos Partners

"I am honored to write a recommendation for Christine. Christine is an accomplished author, public speaker, business coach and business development professional. She helped me drive my top line revenue and worked with me to refine some of my personal habits as well. Beyond her business development, networking skills and public speaking, Christine cares about people and about their success. She is not afraid of asking tough questions and helping you evaluate current habits to be even more effective. Christine teaches practical ways to drive connections, give back, help others and build revenue. If you have a chance to meet Christine, she will be a connection for life."

Hang Bower, Global HR Practice Leader, Allegis Partners

"Christine, your workshop on Building Relationships for More Business was a hit with our organization! Our Board of Directors has received numerous notes from the attendees praising your content, delivery and approach, but most of all, the fact that you provided very direct and detailed information on how to implement your tips in order to accomplish various business development goals. Your energy, enthusiasm and authentic approach clearly resonated with your audience, leaving them inspired and equipped to put their business development efforts into play! Again, thank you for your time and passionate coaching. We look forward to having you again and sharing our success stories with you from all of the business development and strategy intelligence you shared with us."

Nicole Franzen Kuklewski, Associate, Corporate/Commercial Business Development Manager

"Christine is a wonderfully dynamic/energetic speaker with a host of business development, marketing, and strategic planning -related resources. She recently presented to the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers on the topic of Time Management for New Business wherein she introduced a number of great tools geared toward strategic planning, review and assessment that were equally applicable to one’s business and personal life. I’m certain that we’ll have Christine back for future ASA events and strongly recommend her as a valuable resource for any professional organizations."

David Smith, Principal, HSSK