strategic catalyst

Growth programs and deliverables

Strategic Catalyst, Inc. increases an organization’s revenue by helping clients:

  • Identify Dangers (lack of time, focus and a plan)
  • Capture Opportunities (increase revenue, market share and awareness)
  • Maximize Strengths (knowledge, talent, reputation internally and externally)

With our Increase Revenue Program™, clients receive and embrace plans and processes to professionally develop their people in order to create a strategic plan and succession plan that works.

How We Create Value Deliverable (Take-Away)

  • I. Individual Revenue Assessment™ Summary of action items for implementation
  • II. Business Process Review™ Champions create committees and actions
  • III. Business Development Program™ More new business with accountability A. Proven Business Development Tools Increased revenue from new business B. Action Strategy Model Action strategies are tracked and reported C. Accountability Partner Game Plan Vested interest in progress and success D. Activity Tracker Model Pipeline tool; identifies/ tracks daily progress E. Revenue Tracking Model Revenue tool; tracks new leads and revenue
  • IV. Committee for Growth™ Peer pressure and support and learning
  • V. Personalized Strategic Plans Created by/with/for each individual for success
  • VI. Employee Ownership Model Professional development for each individual
  • VII. Long-Term Growth System Increased revenue per person Increased revenue per practice area Increased revenue for the organization Developed Rainmakers internally Employee Retention

Business Development is defined as developing new business by building relationships with current clients, new clients, centers of influence, vendors, partners and organizations. Business Development includes networking, public speaking, advisory boards, targeting specific businesses, targeting specific industries, executive calling, and strategically networking. More specifically, business development includes:

  • Meeting assigned sales goals for bringing in new business to the organization
  • Conducting personal lead generation activities as required to fill the pipeline with new name opportunities and attain sales quotas, including cold calling, seminar or trade show participation and networking in the local community
  • Developing and maintaining required expertise in assigned services and products to independently qualify prospects for appropriateness of fit
  • Managing the sales process including developing, qualifying and managing the prospect through the sales cycle
  • Generating and qualifying sales leads and then meeting with prospects
  • Bringing appropriate colleagues with more expertise and specialized knowledge into the sales process at the appropriate points
  • Providing specific information for proposals to be generated by the sales person, including complete prospect information, engagement and service details and any special terms and conditions
  • Maintaining pipeline and forecast information as well as prospect contact information and status in the organization’s CRM or contact management database
  • Responding to requests for information from prospects with appropriate documentation, using the sales person when available and appropriate
  • Transitioning closed engagements to the appropriate person

Every step of the Strategic Catalyst Increase Revenue Program™ is delineated to clearly demonstrate points of value within the process, how value is manifest in the team, and the specific deliverables associated with each step.

How We Create Value Description How It Creates Value Proof of Client Commitment Deliverable (Take Away)
I. Individual Revenue Assessment™ 50 Question interview with each person responsible for developing new business Benchmark for the individual and organization about what is taking place currently and uncovers areas of opportunity for new business Meeting with management team Summary of action items from individual meetings completed assessments six month training program topics identified
II. Business Process Review™ PowerPoint presentation understanding the five drivers of revenue growth People recognize the role they play in each of the drivers People become champions of each driver Champions create committees and action strategies for implementation
III. Business Development Program™ Monthly group training and one-to-one coaching People receive tools and resources to implement immediately in their day to day business People realize and recognize the return and rewards of their new activities and the way they build relationships The people and organization are focused more on generating business faster with accountability
A. Proven Business Development Tools Interactive exercises, handouts and examples on proven tips that work People can implement the tools and resources immediately Deeper relationships are formed with clients, prospects and referral sources Increased revenue from new business from existing clients and centers of influence
B. Action Strategy Model Document with business development action strategies New business development activities Metrics and commitments are established Action strategies are tracked and reported regularly
C. Accountability Partner Game Plan™ Information for serving as an accountability partner Each person is responsible for ensuring the other person is making progress Bonding, energy and success is created among each team Internal support with a vested interest in progress and succes
D. Activity Tracking Model™ Excel spreadsheet with new business development activities identified Creates momentum, accountability and competition peer to peer and firm-wide People report at the monthly meeting what worked, what surprised them, what they learned and result of success A tool that identifies, tracks and serves as an accountability tool for building an effective pipeline
E. Revenue Tracking Model™ Excel spreadsheet with new business opportunities identified Creates momentum, accountability and competition peer to peer and firm-wide People report the leads in their pipeline A tool that tracks new business revenue and what is in the pipeline
IV. Committee for Growth™ Internal Group Focused on business development Group meets monthly to discuss action strategies, processes; builds momentum and accountability People look forward to meeting; track activities and leads, report on accomplishments People see, hear and recognize that their success is tied to their activities; they learn from each other
V. Personalized Strategic Plans Document used to create short-term and long-term goals Creates daily, monthly, quarterly, annually, three-year and longterm goal setting Action strategies are created in each of the goal sections by and with each person Each person has a plan that is created by/with them; they have immediate buy-in and responsibility to meet their goals
VI. Employee Ownership Model Investment in people, plans, training, goals, development Empowerment, rapport, trust and support Excitement, energy, verbal and actions are more open about business development The firm is helping each person identify and reach their goal; people buy-in and think more like owners
VII. Long-Term Growth Plan Strategic person plans and group training Camaraderie and buy-in Interest and willingness to learn more Increased revenue per person; increased revenue per practice area and increased total revenue for the organization; established rainmakers on the team; employee retention